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Faith…Friendship…and Fun!

We are known as the Youth group. We meet on Fridays, 3 times a month with one week off. Once a month we will have an “Event night!”…basically we go out and have fun as a Youth group. The other two nights are our bible study night. At Youth group, we are a group teens learning about God, and His teachings. We are a fun supporting and caring community of Youth. The Youth is also involved in the tech team at the back on our Sunday morning Services. Some are also involved with the cafe down stairs. With the Youth involved in our services this helps them gain their volunteer hours for school too. As I said earlier We are growing in Faith, Friendship and having Fun at it too!


Upcoming Events

Youth nights take place in the Youth room (found in the basement at 104 Spadina Rd. W) on Fridays from 6:30pm – 9:00pm unless otherwise noted. Here is a list of youth events for the month


Sept. 2: Bible study

Sept. 9: Off week

Sept. 16: Bible study

Sept. 23: Event – Scene It movie trivia

Sept. 30: Bible study

Contact Leaders

Feel like getting in touch with any of your youth leaders to chat? Email us anytime. We’re on Facebook too! Look us up there or join our Facebook Group for the latest news and updates. Or call us at 519-745-8151.

Dan Riddolls / Brad Borsi / Dave Thomson

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