Our A Word With God prayer book is filled with stories from the lives of real people, who are daily seeking God and striving to honour Him with their lives. Through reading these stories, we hope that you find encouragement in your daily walk with God. Each day holds a new and interesting story to help connect you with God in a unique way, whether it be first thing when you get up, right before you go to sleep at night or simply in the mid-afternoon. Please enjoy, and take time to read through our Daily Devotional book.

January 2015                                                                           February 2015                                                                     March 2015

January 2015 Prayer Book                                                     February 2015 Prayer book                                            March 2015 Prayer book

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April 2015                                                                           May 2015                                                                     June 2015

April 2015 Prayer book                                                     May 2015 Prayer Book                                                      June 2015 Prayer Book


   ___  ___________ July 2015                                                                         August

______________  July 2015 Prayer book                                                      August 2015 Prayer book

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