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A Brief History Of New Canadian Ministry In Canada

Waterloo Region, matching Canada as a whole, abounds in newcomers. In fact, 95% of Canadians came from somewhere else in the last 400 years. Evangel invited Halima and Clare Fuller, returned from their missionary assignment in Nigeria in 2010, to help Evangel and others in the Region give more attention to newcomers, whether single or families, students, workers, business people or refugees or refugee claimants. Everyone needs to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

New Canadian Ministry was established in April 2011 to meet this need.
Since then, we have
• worked in volunteer positions welcoming newcomers,
• networked with fellow Christians interested in serving newcomers,
• joined prayer groups for settlement needs,
• operated a community garden,
• driven hundreds of children, youth and adults to church-related and community functions.

NCM has
• banded together for 8 years with area churches to give out Scriptures at an annual multicultural event,
• collected donated bread and pastries from a bakery and provided it to families and other ministries in the Region,
• arranged for children to go to summer camp at Evergreen Christian Ministries at Stayner, ON, and seen some children desire to follow Jesus
• given countless hours of peer counselling,
• rejoiced as about 1 out of 3 of those who attend Evangel are now new Canadians.
• Made a lot of friends.

New Canadian Ministries is accountable to the eldership of Evangel Community Ministries/ Church. Donations to NCM are tax-deductable, receipted under Evangel’s charitable status. Since 2011, our family
has received 1⁄4 full-time support, helped by individual donors and half a dozen congregations in the EMCC.

NEW! In 2018, Halima qualified to be a registered psychotherapist. A counselling office has been established, with funding help from Evangel and Kindred Credit Union grants, called New Beginnings Counselling.

Next plans…prayer walk June 22-23

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