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We are so thankful to God for opening the door for us to be involved in the ministry at El Sendero. It has now been about nine years since we first heard about this small work in Colombia and our involvement has continues to expand, as time has gone by. We have been involved in bringing back packs to the children who are going to school, raising funds for the building of a community center, the sending of ministry teams to bring the Gospel to children, the sending of a work team to build washrooms and gardens to supply food to feed the children in the program, and finally in working with Marta and Mauricio to bring the Gospel to families and our passion to see a church started in the community.

So far we have visited this mission site four times in the last six years, to offer help and to fulfill our responsibilities as overseers of this project, for the government of Canada. Pastor Stan and Pastor Santos will be return ing this June, to see what God has been doing, and to explore the possibility of sending another team to do ministry the winter of 2016. Please be in prayer for our ministry family. They are struggling to make ends meet and yet they have a passion to see men and women, boys and girls, find Jesus.

At our Christmas Banquet we received a lot of positive responses both from members of the congregation and visitors. It was noted that the Skype interview with Jenny and the Martinez Family had more impact with the new set up. As well, many positives reviews were given about the food and the decoration. For the first time at Evangel, the Kids of Evangel presented a monetary gift to the Martinez Family, expressing their support towards the mission and their commitment to glorify God monetarily.

There are many children who have lost parents and who have been displaced as a result of the fighting with the guerrillas. We try to  bring a window of joy into the lives of children who have little to be joyful about. It is also our intent to bring them the good news that Jesus loves them.

Since traveling to Popayan in September 2008, it has been on our heart to be open to the moving of God to provide help to the Colombian church in any way that we can.  Paul Powers and his wife Margaret Fishback Powers from little people’s ministries had the idea of incorporating their gifts of ministry to children with the talent of some of the people at Evangel, caught our attention as something that God was in. Shortly there after we took an informal team to Colombia this summer specifically to minister to children.

What a great opportunity to spend your life in the giving of the Gospel. Scripture is also clear that there is a place for those who support the ones who are going, and that both together are used by God for the furtherance of the Kingdom. This would be a great occasion to walk by faith and send a gift to help others who are going to bring the Good News of Jesus to the children of Popayan.

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Colombia Missions 2016

Primer viaje misionero: 2.006 First missionary trip 2006


Segundo viaje misionero: 2.008 Second Missionary Trip 2008

2009 Trip

Tercer viaje misionero: 2.09 Third Missionary Trip 2009

2009 Trip

Cuarto Viage misionero: 2010– Fourth Missionary Trip 2010

2010 trip


Orando con amor por el quinto viage misionero: 2.015 – Praying with love for your fifth missionary trip 2015

2015 Trip

This June Pastor Stan and Pastor Santos will take a trip to observe the ministry that has been taking place in order to fulfill the requirements of revenue Canada for accountability. We will also be planning with Jenny, what we will be doing in our ministry trip next winter and meeting with other church leaders and our own Martinez family to plan and organize our further work of a church plant in El Sendaro.

Orando con amor por el sexton viage misioneo: 2.016 – prayer with love for your sixth missionary trip 2016

kids 2016

Our winter 2016  trip to Colombia will be a ministry trip that will hopefully see us ministering to children in two refuge camps, very similar to a VBS. Our initial plan is to work in El Sendaro in the mornings and then do the same camp in the afternoon at another location. Both would end with a program at the end of the week where the gospel would be given to the families.

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2017 Thank you Video from El Sendero Kids

Colombia 2010

A Message From Colombia -- Spring 2015

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